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24ft Two Legged Air Dancer | Inflatable | Tube Dancers

24ft Two Legged Air Dancer | Inflatable | Tube Dancers

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 The Two Legged air dancer attachment.  This 24ft tall dynamically dancing inflatable advertising product will promote your business or sale like no other product or service can. This unique two legged air dancer is one of the largest air dancers on the market. Simply hook this two leg air dancer to two 18-inch diameter blowers and get your business noticed today.   Two Legged Blue Air Dancer Attachment Comes With: 1 Two Legged Air Dancer - Color Blue (as pictured) 1 Air dancer carrying case Two Legged 24ft Air Dancer Specifications:  Air dancer comes with all parts needed for air dancer operation Air dancer color - Blue (as pictured) Material:  High strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin Material:  Air dancer bottom is constructed with 600D pvc/nylon.

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