Collection: Feather Flags

Flags Promotional Feather

5ft and 12ft Feather Flags. The full collection of outdoor  large advertising feather flags will get your business or event noticed! Feather Flags are an incredibly cost effective marketing tool that takes advantage of the potentially thousands of passer-by-ers that drive and/or walk by your business daily. Don't let potential customers walk by your business and not know you're there. Let Star Advertising Feather Swoop flags attract the attention of new customers and bring them into your retail location. Designed for roadside and sidewalk use, these huge advertising promotional flag signs can be anchored to the ground by a number of the hardware pieces. If you have access to dirt or grass, we recommend the feather flag ground spike. We carry hardware and mounting accessories for any feather flag installation. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, click here to get a custom Feather Flag started. We can design and produce any feather flag that you can think of.