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12ft Smoke Shop Feather Flag Blue

12ft Smoke Shop Feather Flag Blue

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 Smoke Shop Feather Flag in 12ft size in Blue. Just open a new smoke shop in town? Having trouble getting noticed? We have the perfect low cost high impact solution to help get customers in your door; the Smoke Shop feather flag. This outdoor advertising tool is an attention arresting beacon. While the feather flag itself is 12ft, when mounted on its pole it waves at 15ft tall. Get your smoke shop noticed with the feather flag. In-stock and ready to ship today.

Feather Flag Comes With:

  • 1 "SMOKE SHOP" feather flag in Blue (as pictured)
  • Backside is mirrored image

  Feather flag needs Pole Set for operation.   

Feather Flag Specs: 

  • Flag Height: 12ft
  • Assembled on pole height: 15ft
  • No wind design allows for banner flag to be visible & clear even with no wind. 
  • Fits 12ft poles, ground spikes, and feather flag accessories.
  • Highest quality & longest lasting material.
  • Vibrant Colors and Design.
  • Message: Smoke Shop in blue and red.
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