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Single Beam 2000W Xenon Searchlight

Single Beam 2000W Xenon Searchlight

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 The STX1 is a full-motion, single-head xenon searchlight producing a beam visible for miles. It moves in an attention-getting oval pattern. The sweeping beam not only adds motion and excitement to an event or lighting effect, but also pinpoints the location. Available in a single-piece design (STX1-A, as illustrated) or a two-part system (STX1-B & C) for specific location installation. All systems allow users the ability to project a stationary beam or a rotating beacon. Specifications Leading Edge Xenon Technology Precision Nickel Electroformed Reflector specifically coated for continuous high output performance Color Temperature constant at 5600°(Kelvin) Focusable Beam Available in both 2000 and 4000 Watt configurations Lamp head features rainproof welded aluminum construction Tempered Glass Lamp head window Powder Coated Steel Frame Fully Assembled in a Weather Resistant Housing (“A” Series, as shown) Available as in a two-part configuration for easy installation, “B” Series: Plug-In, “C” Series: Hard Wired Optional DMX Remote Control    

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