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Reusable Vinyl 1 Balloon Light Pole Kit

Reusable Vinyl 1 Balloon Light Pole Kit

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 1 Reusable Vinyl Balloon Light Pole Kit. Maximize on your available advertising space by flying reusable outdoor balloons from light poles around your store, lot, or event location. The outdoor reusable balloon light pole kit is the perfect solution to get perfect looking vibrant balloons high up in the air. The light pole bracket attaches to any light pole with a set of two worm gear clamps. Once tightened down, the natural construction of the bracket combined with the flexible fiberglass stem piece will make your vibrant balloon bob and float in even the slightest breeze. The perfect shape and bold color of your 1 balloon light pole kit will draw everyone's eyes to your store, lot, sale, promotion, or event location. This 1 Balloon Light Pole Kit comes with the following industry leading components

  • 1 Reusable Vinyl Outdoor Balloon (choose colors from drop down menu above)
  • 1 Angled Light Pole Bracket with easy turn-lock connection system
  • 1 of the industry's toughest 41" coated fiberglass stems
  • 1 Upper holding cups
  • 2 Worm-gear band clamps each measuring 10" in diameter
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