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12ft BBQ Feather Flag

12ft BBQ Feather Flag

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  Everyone loves a good BBQ!! If your restaurant cooks and sells delicious BBQ food, you want everyone to know. Well Feather Flags are perfect for your BBQ!  Black 12 Foot BBQ Feather Flags are a great way to advertise your restaurant and get everyone in the mood for some delicious BBQ food.  Feather Flags are so easy to use, you'll never go without one. They'll make everyone who passes by feel hungry and in the mood for some BBQ. Get yours today!

Feather Flag Comes With:

  • 1 "BBQ" feather flag in Black Orange & Yellow (as pictured)
  • Backside is mirrored image

  Feather flag needs Pole Set for operation.   

Feather Flag Specs: 

  • Flag Height: 12ft
  • Assembled on pole height: 15ft
  • No wind design allows for banner flag to be visible & clear even with no wind. 
  • Fits  12ft poles, ground spikes, and feather flag accessories.
  • Highest quality & longest lasting material.
  • Bold Black Orange & Yellow Design
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