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12ft Flag X Stand Pole Set with Water Bag

12ft Flag X Stand Pole Set with Water Bag

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 Feather flag X-stand pole set is one of the base options that offers for feather flags.  All feather flags are made up of 2 parts; the feather flag and then the pole set & base.  The x-stand pole set is most often used when ground spikes can not be used.  Often times the x-stand pole set is used in doors in or areas where the feather flag will not experience much wind.  This Feather Flag Ground Spike Comes With: 1 Metal X-stand base for feather flag. 1 Pole set (5 piece) 1 Water Bag No feather flag banners included.  Details of Feather Flag Product: Height of pole set - 15ft Pole set is compatible with all feather flags sold on this site (full sleeve)

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