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10ft Dentist Custom Air Dancer | Inflatable | Tube Dancer

10ft Dentist Custom Air Dancer | Inflatable | Tube Dancer

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DETAILS The 10ft Custom Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man is fully customizable. Choose tube color, lettering, lettering color, arm and body colors. Full digital printing is also available for more detailed designs. You can download the design template below, or give us some guidance and let our talented design team create a custom mockup for you. Custom Air Dancer brand inflatable tube men attachments allow you to always keep your message fresh. Tailor the lettering to specific marketing campaigns or seasonal sales. Each of the custom designed 10 foot tall wacky wavy tube guys you create will all fit onto the 12” diameter blower. Get your business or event noticed today with custom printed branded Air Dancer inflatable tube men. PRODUCT FEATURES • 1 10ft Custom Air Dancer inflatable tube man attachment (custom design to the approved artwork) • 1 Air Dancer carrying case • The dynamic movement helps attract attention and bring in new customers • Highest quality & longest lasting material  

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