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1 Reusable Vinyl Balloon with A-Frame Bracket Kit

1 Reusable Vinyl Balloon with A-Frame Bracket Kit

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 Reusable Vinyl 1 Balloon A-Frame Bracket Kit. Colorful balloons and A-Boards are a match made in advertising heaven. Up the ante by ditching those old school helium balloons and stand a reusable outdoor balloon atop your a-frame sign. The 1 Balloon A-Frame Bracket Kit will allow you to quickly and easily increase the visibility of your A-Frame sign. Simply screw in the bracket plate of the a-frame bracket kit into your A-Frame sign, attach the bracket to the outdoor balloon stem, and then slide the angled bracket onto the a-frame receptacle. The angled shape of the bracket will allow your outdoor balloon to fly high and perfectly straight. This 1 Balloon A-Frame Bracket Kit comes with the following industry leading components

  • 1 Reusable Outdoor Balloon (choose colors from drop down menu above)
  • 1 A-Frame Sign Angled Bracket with easy turn-lock connection systems
  • 1 of the industry's toughest 41" coated fiberglass stems
  • 1 Upper holding cup
  • 2 Bracket Attachment Screws


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