Feather flag hardware by Star Advertising. View the selection of Star Advertising brand feather flag ground spikes, feather flag pole sets, and feather flag stands. To purchase flag and hardware sets, it's best to visit the flags product page and then check the "Add Ground Spike & Pole Kit" to the order. All feather flag hardware is in-stock and ready to ship today!

Product Description

Feather flag ground spike pole kit and Feather flag X stand pole set by Star Advertising.  All feather flags are made up of 2 parts; the feather flag and then the pole set & base.  The ground spike pole set is the most commonly used base pole set.  The ground spike pole set is 15 ft tall and securely anchors the feather flag into the ground. Most commonly used for outdoor use.  

This Feather Flag Ground Spike Comes With:

Details of Feather Flag Product: