Cricket wireless outdoor advertising and inflatable advertising products created for franchise owned stores.  Do you have a cricket wireless store grand opening or is your store throwing a promotion that you want to draw attention to?  Let the pros at Star Advertising help bring you the neccessary attention and customers that you need to succeed.  Shop the full Cricket Wireless collection of inflatable 6ft Air Dancers®, 10ft Air Dancers®, 20ft Air Dancers®, 15ft Feather Flags, 7ft Feather Flags, Pop Up Canopy Tents, A Frame Signs, and Table Top Cover Banners.  Get your Cricket Wireless store noticed today! Includes Blower and Haredware.

cricket_wireless_budget_package  cricket_wireless_premium_package

                           Cricket Budget Pack   $976.00                             Cricket Premium Pack $1435.00



  • cricket_20_ft_air_dancer_green
    Cricket Air Dancer 20-ft
  • cricket_20_ft_black_airdancer
    Cricket Wireless Black Air Dancer 20-ft
  • cricket_10_ft_air_dancer_green
    Cricket Wireless AirDancer 10ft
  • cricket_6_ft_air_dancer_green
    Cricket Wireless AirDancer 6ft
  • cricket_green_flag
    12ft Cricket Wireless Green Feather Flag
  • cricket_12_ft_black_flag
    12ft Cricket Wireless Black Feather Flag
  • cricket_5ft_green_flag
    5ft Cricket Wireless Green Feather Flag
  • cricket_5_ft_black_flag
    12ft Cricket Wireless Black Feather Flag
  • Cricket Wireless Advertising LED promotional light up pillar.
    6ft Cricket Wireless Inflatable LED Pillar - 18in Diameter
  • cricket_5x5_pop_up_tent
    Cricket Wireless - 5ft x 5ft Pop Up Tent Canopy Complete Set Green
  • cricket_10x10_popup_tent
    Cricket Wireless - 10ft x 10ft Pop Up Tent Canopy Complete Set Green
  • Cricket Wireless Fitted Table Cover For Promo Marketing 6ft table.
    Cricket Wireless Green Fitted Tablecloth esigned for 6' long by 30" wide folding table         $199.00
  • cricket_stretch_green_tablecloth
    Cricket Wireless Green Stretch Tablecloth 6' long
    by 30'' wide
  • cricket_wireless_costume_inflatable
    Android Cricket Wireless Inflatable Promotional Costume 7-ft Tall
  • Back Pack with Flag also comes in Black
    $126.95    $97.95
  • cricket_black_door_mat
                 3 x 4  Door Mat  
        $200.00    $179.95
  • cricket_giant_inflatable_balloon_green
    Giant Inflatable Android
    20-Ft Tall with Blower
  • Cricket Wireless Balloon
  • Cricket Wireless Giant Cold Air Balloon 20ft $1859.00

13-Ft_ Helium_ Blimp_cricket_advertising             led_light_for_air_dancres
                            10-FT Helium Blimp Artwork 2-sides        Led Light Kit for Air Dancer   $129.00