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Reusable Balloons that Stay Inflated for Months  


Reusable Balloons solves many of the problems associated with traditional helium inflated balloons:

        Balloons use air not helium       Low one-time cost         Reusable balloons stay inflated for months

         Always fly high, even in wind and heavy rain         Environmentally safe

         Faster and easier setup less time cutting, tying, measuring, and cleanup


      Outdoor 7ft Four Color System $180.00     Outdoor 6ft  Ground Pole Kit $27.50     Outdoor 6ft Weighted Base $47.50


Outdoor Sigle Car Kit $35.50


Outdoor Double Kit $54.50


Table Top $150.00                   Indoor Tower 9ft Kit $245.00

Outdoor 3 Balloon Kit $83.95

Custom Balloons with Your Name

Custom Balloons Call for Pricing Min. Order 50


Colors of Balloons



Unversal Air Compressor $45.95                       3 Balloon Pole Set $83.95                       Hand Pump $8.95



Indoor Hand Pump $4.95                          Balloon deflator $37.00