Product Description

Product Description

The air dancer light kit easily fits to Star Advertising brand blowers to illuminate the air dancer from the inside.  Don't have your customers stop noticing your business or sale just because the sun goes down!  Illuminate your air dancer from the inside so your message will continue to reach your customers both day and night.  Easily compatible with all Star Advertising brand blowers, and also compatible with all blowers with the use of the mounting hardware that comes with the light kit. 

 LED Light Kit Comes With:

Light Kit Specifications: 

Install Instructions:

The LED Light kit attaches to the top grating of the blower. The appropriate hardware for attachment is provided in the packaging. Often times the hardware is inside your light kit package.

Inside your light kit box should be a clamp (7/16 in. to 29/32 in.) This clamp screws and unscrews with a regular flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the clamp with your flathead screwdriver, once the clamp is open insert one end of the clamp through the grill of your blower. Once you have inserted one end through the grill of the blower, press together so that both ends of the clamp meet and slip one end into the open slit of the clamp. After both ends meet and you have inserted the opposite end into the slit of the clamp, screw clamp until tightened securely so your light is fastened upright to the grate of your blower.