Product Description

Send us your Artwork for Free Rendering:

Custom Helium Advertising Blimp is perfect for making a huge statement at smaller scale events. At nimble but still impressive dimensions, you'll be able to sail your message at up to 135ft into the air, and at only a fraction of the cost of traditional large scale outdoor signage options. As with all custom products, all you have to do is provide the art designs (or let one of our talented customer service agents talk you through a design suggestion) and we'll make you your very own blimp.

The 13ft, 15ft, 18ft  Advertising Blimp is the most popular size blimp offered  for use in small to midsize events and promotions. When you want to go big but also save on cash, this is the outdoor advertising vessel you launch. Your custom design will be printed onto both sides of the main body of the blimp, each area covering maximum area.

Blimps are superior to other types of high flying inflatable advertising products because due to their shape and tail fins, they will always remain in flight pointing into the breeze, keeping your custom message clear and visible to everyone below and for miles around.

This heavy duty custom helium blimp package includes:

·               7ft, 10ft, 13ft,15ft, 18ft, 21ft, 25ft, 30ft  Custom Helium Blimp

·               Double sided art graphics

·               3-4  Tail Fins

·               135' Tether Line

·               Repair Kit

·               4'' or 10' hose attached to blimp valve for filling.

·               Detailed Setup & Care Instructions

·               Instructions on where to locally get helium  Usually local weling supply stores.

Custom Artwork and Lettering Guidelines:

·               File Types: .ai, .eps, .svg, .bmp, .tif

·               Minimum 300 dpi at approximately 80" wide

·               Artwork to be displayed on blimp at maximum area.

Standard Colors for all Custom Helium Blimp:

·               Body: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green

·               Fins: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Black